Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Okay, so I am a little ahead of myself.  But it has been unseasonably cool around here lately (80 degrees is cool), making me think of Fall.  Football, pumpkins, costumes...  Oh, how I love Fall.  And, as with Christmas, I think I enjoy the anticipation as much, if not more, than the event itself.  It is never too soon to anticipate.  So...I bring you these.

 Oh, do I know a little boy who would look good in this, even as he was knocking things off the counter, and younger children in the head, with those wings.

Even though the little boy himself would probably prefer this.

Yes, give a boy a sword and then pump him full of sugar.  Let the Crusades begin.

I know a little girl who might like to wear this.

 But not my little girl.  She has to choose between...

The Tulip Faerie, or...

The Lilly Faerie. 

I am going to dress her like this now, while I can, because I am afraid, that as she gets older, she might prefer Supreme Court Justice Faerie or Secre-faerie of State.  It is going to be tough, but Hubband and I are going to stand firm.  No princesses or liberals.

And, if I had a wee one this year, I might choose one of these.

All of these costumes, and dozens more, equally adorable can be found at One Step Ahead.  And they are not even paying me.


  1. adorable! i LOVE fall and halloween but unfortunately they don't really do either very well in australia!

  2. That's Ernie, wow. It took me ages to remember. Is Sesame Street still going or are these re-runs.

  3. I'm with you about Christmas but less keen on Halloween. We're not as big on it here as I gather you lot are! But fall - or autumn, as wel call it, - I LOVE. And winter too. I love those dark, cosy evenings: time for the woodburner again. Sweet costumes though.

  4. Vince, that is actually Elmo. And, yes, Sesame Street is still on everyday and they make about 40 new episodes each year.

    Kate, we are more into Autumn as a whole, than Halloween specifically, but the costume catalog came in the mail and got me started. Though the boys' school does make a production out of it. In the States in general it has turned into a school festival and an adult excuse for debauchery. Think New Years Eve with trampy costumes.

  5. Yes, it's about the same in Canada, except some of the little girls are dressed kind of trampily, too. Blech.
    I've been thinking about fall, too, with the cooler weather, so we went back-to-school clothes shopping on Monday. Now it is getting hot again and is supposed to be smokin' by the weekend. So, as much as I truly love fall, I will hold onto summer as long as possible.