Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Whirlwind Visit to Seattle, Part 3

 Hubband and I were in Seattle for his sister's wedding, scheduled for seven on Saturday evening.  By the time I had cooled down (see Part 2), hosed off, and squeezed into my wadded up dress (see Part 1), my headache was gone.  Yeah!

The ceremony itself was brief, but nice.  The bride had a lovely smile.  The groom got a little misty eyed.  So did the bride's brother, my husband.  It was very sweet.

The ceremony was followed by drinks and hoer devours on the patio of the penthouse.  We had a view of the city as the sun set.

There were not many guests, but there were many kinds of guests.  Washington cousins, and travel-the-world cousins, and cousins who had just flown in from China.  Friends of the bride.  Friends of the groom.  Friends of the family of the bride.  The family of the groom.  There was even one fellow with a handle bar mustache.

After dark there was a very elegant dinner of rib-eye steak and salmon, followed by gluten free carrot cake and dancing.

We left early (eleven) to go back to our room and pack.  We waited up until two o'clock for the mother and father of the bride to return before we gave up and went to sleep.

Twelve hours later, we were welcomed home by three happy children, and one, even happier, Nana.

(I would like the thank the Bride, and the Groom, and their friends for letting me [not that I asked] poach all of these pictures from their various facebook pages, as I did not have any room left in my carry-on bag [see Part 1] for my camera.)


  1. I want to know what relation Vince is to you. ;) He's GOT to be related. ha.

    Lovely couple. Best wishes to them! I love the way you tell a story!

  2. The food sounds very West Coast - salmon and gluten free cake :)
    Glad you made it home safely and that the kids (and grandma) were happy to see you back.

    And Betsy: I like to think Vince is really Gerard Butler just pretending to be someone else. That's the only way to put up with him sometimes :)