Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Whirlwind Visit to Seattle, Epilogue

 If you have not read Part 1 or Part 2, you will not understand any of this.  Part 3 is optional.  Go ahead.  Go now.  We'll wait.

Update on Part 1
The cell phone I chucked into the garbage can, in the bathroom at Seatac airport was an old phone I had lost before.  Samuel walked off with it once, and it spent two weeks, getting watered and everything, in the back yard.  But it still worked.  Some phones never die.  Nor, it turns out, can they be thrown away.

Several people suggested I contact Lost and Found.  Hubband and I both agreed this would be a fruitless waste of time.  The phone was old.  The phone was gone.

We were wrong.

The phone was found by housekeeping, and turned into the Port of Seattle Police, who called my home to tell me.  But, not before they called a few of my friends.  Now, I appreciate their efforts at contacting me, but since they were in Washington, and the phone was in Washington, which meant that at some point, I had been in Washington, you think they would have called one of the Washington numbers in my phone.  But no.

My friend in South Carolina was quite surprised to get a call from my cell phone number at 2 am.  She thought my house burnt down or I had left my husband.  No.  But the police were looking for me.

I did not find out any of this until I got home.  I had a few messages, I made a few calls, and Seatac Lost and Found, which is run by the Seattle, Kings and Snohomish County YWCA, FedEXed me my phone.  It was still charged up and everything.  Easy-peasy.

Update on Part 2
The Morrison Boomer CD, on which I spent five dollars of Hubband's hard earned money, turned out to be a dud.  Not the music, just the CD.  I could not get it to play on any machine or computer.  But I still really wanted their music.

I contacted them through their facebook page and they got right back to me.  Again very polite.  It turns out, they are from Minnesota, so I would not expect anything less, even if they probably do drink and swear and stuff like that.  They apologized sincerely, and then told me to just go to their website and download it.

It turns out that you can get their music through a service called, and you get to pick your price.  For as little as a penny, you can own a Morrison Boomer album.  Which is great, since I had already paid five bucks.

I decided to get their latest album, Down The Hatch, rather than the one I bought in CD form, so I spent another five bucks.  The download was easy, and came with great instructions for old ma'ams like me.  It was just a zip file that I saved on my desk top.  Unfortunately, before I got a chance to unzip it and load it on my iPod (every step takes extra time, and there must be time between steps when you have small children) my computer crashed.  It was several hours later and I was doing something unrelated at the time, so I am sure one was not the cause of the other.  Well, I am pretty sure.  At any rate, I have spent ten dollars and still have no Morrison Boomer music to show for it, but I am not daunted.

Update on Part 3
Cara and Justin are honeymooning in Hawaii.  That is all I am going to say about that.

Thank you all for coming.  I hope you enjoyed our whirlwind visit to Seattle as much as I did.


  1. the phone calls themselves probably cost more than the price of a new phone.
    Remember when one had to insure the things.

  2. I just read the whole saga -- sounds like you have had a busy August! Loved joining you for the trip, especially the introduction to the new music, ma'am. Sorry for all the hassles you endured. I especially sympathized with the headache. Why must traveling do that ??

  3. Ah... closure. Glad you had a good (or at least interesting) time. You really should contact that cell phone company and ask if they want you to be a spokeperson for the durability of their phones. Now if only you could get them to make laptops...

  4. Well, first off...I love that photo!!

    and the story of your cell is just amazing!

  5. great story! and now i feel compelled to check out morrison boomer...

  6. I bet you almost wish your phone would have got itself lost. Then you could justify getting a new cool one, right? I have to admire its tenacious quality though.
    That's some pretty expensive non music :)