Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Week in Kids, #13

This week's post is either late, or early, depending on how you want to look at it.
This week...

Samuel dressed for breakfast.

Also this week...

Samuel found an old cell phone Nana gave him to play with.  He opened it and said, "Hello.  Oh, okay.  (something incomprehensible)  Talk to you later.  Bye bye."  Then he hung up, and looking down at his footie pajamas, said "Uh oh.  Where's my pocket?"

Also this week...

Nana came over to bake cookies with the boys.

Jonah was a little disappointed to find out that Samuel was going to be included in this activity.  "But, I don't want to play two-player," was his response.

Poor Catherine, wasn't even allowed in the kitchen.

But she did get to eat some cookies.

Also this week...

Jonah graduated from pre-school.

Jonah and his teachers, Misses Jennifer and Debbie

Now, I know, pre-school graduation seems a bit ridiculous.  I mean, what have they done, really?  Learned to line up and not eat the paste?  But, once I saw him in his shirt and tie, I was so proud.

He was the best liner-upper, no-paste-eating boy ever!

See you next week!


  1. That last photo is classic! He looks so cute and so happy. And as far as being proud of Jonah, heck, my kids behaving in public was easily enough cause for me to be proud of them sometimes :)
    That tie-dye shirt looks exactly like the ones sold at our local arts festival. Hmmmm....

  2. There is something so Dickensian about the child with its face to the window taking everything in from afar.

    Is she not able to stick in her toes and clamber over that gate thingy.

  3. Vince, she can indeed climb, at least part way, up the gate. But, more than once the gate has come loose and she has toppled over backwards only to be pinned by there, with the gate on top of her. It has slowed her down enough to make the gate worth the effort. But, that too shall pass.

  4. Was the gate only for her ?.

  5. While they were baking cookies, the gate was only for her. But, it is up most of the time and it is meant to keep all of them out.

    Jonah gets underfoot. Samuel helps himself to messy snacks. And Catie pushes a chair over to get into anything she can, and it is usually sharp.

    Having said that, it is mostly for her, as her brothers can climb over, and do if I'm not looking. She is in the most danger from things in the kitchen. And yes I have secured all of the cabinets too, but she is tenacious.

  6. Oh, how well I remember pre-school "graduation." So poignant, really. I got Hedgehog a little corsage...

    Love that pic of the eyes peeking hopefully over the gate!

  7. Pre-school graduation, how civilized! Here they get get given a small packet of popcorn and wished well in their adult life. And poor Catherine: I bet that plaintive look has no effect whatsoever on her brothers.

  8. I love the one of Catherine peering over the guardrail. You captured it perfectly. Congratulations to Jonah! I bet he's learned quite a bit.