Friday, June 4, 2010

Gorillas (Dancing) in the Mist

I know this is where the week in kids post usually goes, but I have not been up to it this week. I do have some cute shots from today.

Sam, ready to hit the road.  He dressed himself, as you might imagine.

Cate, catching up on the day's sports.

The weather around here has been crazy. Usually, by June it is 95 degrees and sunny. Everyday. Day in. Day out. Without end. Until the day it is 100 or 110 or (as it is about five days a year) 113. After that we are blessing 95.  (See comments for Celsius equivalent.)

This year has been different. It rained clear through May. And it was mostly cold rain too. It is starting warm up, but the cloud cover remains. This morning we ate breakfast on the back porch where it felt like Maui. At 7am is was 65 and cloudy. Still cool enough to be pleasant but muggy like the bathroom after a shower. I kept thinking I should open a window, then I would remember I was already outside. When my vision started to go a little fuzzy, it took me a few seconds to realize it was from drizzle. It was drizzling on our breakfast!

Hubband convinced the children that weather like this required dancing. So, here you have it.  My little gorillas dancing in the mist.


  1. There are times, most of them to be honest, when I think the States are more or less exactly the same as us culturally. But then something very basic comes up like the temperature of the day where I realise that the distances are far wider than I thought.
    We use Celsius, 0 freezing point, 100 boiling point. The only time we use Fahrenheit is for blood temp' and even there it is utterly meaningless for there is no reference point to anything else.
    Lovely and lively kids.

  2. Vince, many of my readers are not from the states, so I almost put a celsius equivalent, but was too lazy last night to look it up. But, here you go.

    95F = 35C
    100F = 38C
    110F = 43C
    113F = 45C
    and our "morning in Maui"...
    65F = 18C

  3. Sorry, I could do that for myself. My point has to do with the difference with basic datum points that you have in your head, those concept points. I have no clue what 200 pounds looks like on a person, I work in Stones. Any more than I have with 1m80cm when my Belgium friends speak in terms of height, I'm in Feet and Inches.
    At the moment we have shifted to KPH from MPH and you may as well be speaking Greek.
    Oh and FYI, a very very hot day on Ireland or Scotland gets to 28C. And that's a killer day. The normal Summer, a good summer, is between 17C and 24C.
    As to 'Maui', quit showing off, unless you are Tom Selleck's sister. :-)

  4. Vince, I know you could have done that for yourself, but I felt like it should have been in here somewhere.

    And as for Maui, as a child my grandparents lived on Maui, so I went there quite alot. Which sounds kinda spoiled. But, so does having summer days in the 20s (C).

  5. So cute. I love the butt waggle for emphasis. Brooklyn is a sauna...

  6. CUTE!
    We have had endless rain...everything is GROWING and GROWING...I hope we can keep up with the weeds!

  7. It wasn't long ago that all my kids were preschoolers and we could get up and have breakfast on our screened in porch. (No one went to school until kindergarten.) We could also visit grandma anytime, two hours away, and stay as long as we wanted.
    But...I must admit, when number one child went to school, and especially when the last child went, I was okay to trade in total flexibility, for quiet days.
    All the seasons of childhood are beautiful and I treasure them all.

    My 10 year old and I enjoyed the "dance" by your sons. :)

  8. You should put those boys in tap dancing lessons...umm...on second thought,no. Too noisy.
    We finally had a sunny morning after days of rain, but I can't complain. It's not cold, just sort of tropical rainforest-y.
    Loved the title of your post! Sorry it has taken me so long to comment. My husband took a long weekend and I barely touched the computer (almost went into withdrawl as a result, ha ha).

  9. Lovely dancing. Weather-wise you're talking to someone who lives somewhere where two or three vaguely warm days in a row is a cause for major celebration and paddling-pool buying. I hope you're doing ok - I have been a bit neglectful of my blog and catching up on others and I was concerned when I read your previous post. Hang in there. Sending you my love.