Thursday, June 10, 2010

Say a Little Prayer

I will not say that things have gone from bad to worse.  It sounds melodramatic.  But honestly, we just can't catch a break.

Hubband and I have been so sick, that for four straight nights all we did was lay awake and cough on each other.  (Or is it "lie" awake?  I can never remember.  I am too lazy to look it up and too sick to care.  Besides, I digress.)  Come morning, he packed all that was left of himself in his brief case and went off to work.  I stayed home and tried to conserved as much energy as possible while (in)effectively parenting three small kids.  There was no energy left for the house or even the cooking.  How many times a week can you serve your child Taco Bell before Child Protective Services gets involved?

Monday was so bad.  I just begged God to send help.  I didn't care what it looked like.  Random lady from church stopping by.  A second cousin calling.  UPS deliveryman.  I would take it as a sign and beg them to help me.  No such thing happened.

When Hubband got home from work he said, "My dad called.  He said he'd like to helps us out if we need it.  Just let him know.  He can be down in a day."

Well, that's just crazy, I thought.  Why would we ask him to fly down from Seattle to help us?  Then it occurred to me, we would ask for help because WE NEED HELP!

Grandpa Scott and Samuel, July 2009

So, Tuesday morning, Grandpa Scott descended, like a Marine on a rescue mission.  He cleaned, he cooked, he wrangled my children with a tone of voice and a look.  (Why can't I do that?)  And I rested.  For two whole glorious days.  He ran this place so well, I was ashamed.  Even his cooking was good.  Though he does butter the bread on his egg salad sandwiches (butter and mayo seems excessive) and his preferred method for cooking breakfast sausage is to boil it in oil, it can't be worse than Taco Bell.

Oh we love you Grandpa Scott!!!!!

He left today.  I thought I was doing better.  But without the hourly bouts of rest Grandpa's presence afforded me, I barely made it to noon.  But I made it.  To noon at least.  Thank goodness Jonah is in school today.

And, I must do it again tomorrow.  With all three kids.  Did I mention I have completely lost my voice?  How am I going to handle three kids with no voice?  I am trying not to think about it.  Thinking doesn't help.


  1. OH MY Tracey! You are in a bad way...but thank God for Grandpa Scott! He has a brilliant smile AND head of beautiful hair! I hope you feel better tomorrow so it won't all seem so overwhelming!!!
    Praying for healing your way and Hubband's too!

  2. Your Husband and his father have communication each day. There is nothing gifted from God with their method.
    But you know this, there is no surprise with my comment.
    There is not a Human Being that can keep full belief with three little animals under three/five/seven.
    BUT, and with the best will in the world. I like your stories.

  3. I'm sorry Vince, I must interject here. The very fact that Grandpa Scott is so willing to jump on a plane and come to Tracey's rescue is surely a gift from God. I sure as heck don't have any in-laws like that! :)
    'He descended like a marine on a resue mission'. It sounds funny, but I know your relief would have been serious.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Vince, I wouldn't blame you (or anyone else for that matter) if you stopped reading my stories all together. They have been so dreadful of late, and mostly for me, not my reader.

    The good news it, this too shall pass. And hopefully I will have something cheery to write about soon.

  5. Tracey, I will continue to read your stories. Just remember that I'm on the other side of the Atlantic and sometimes need time to distinguish between Fahrenheit.

  6. What a wonderful father-in-law! Hope you and the hubby feel better soon. :)

  7. if only we lived closer to each other and could get together for tea or cake or something. hope you feel better soon!

  8. Oh, Tracey - I would come and help if I could, I really would. Although descending with an extra 3 children would not reduce your stress levels, so it's probably just as well I can't. But poor, poor you - at the best of times family life can be overwhelming, let alone when things become more challenging. What a lovely father-in-law, though. Book him in for another visit asap is my advice. Take care, if you can!

  9. Thank you every one. Yesterday may have been the dark before the dawn. I feel on the mend today. The kids are still a handful and I still have no voice, but I can life my head off the pillow. :)

    Kate, I have several friends (and closer too) who are willing to help, but they too have little ones. Even if they had the time I would not want them to come here and risk getting infected.

    And while I have glorified Grandpa for his rescue hero ways, I would like it noted that my mother is a HUGE help day in and day out around here (when she is not traveling the world or busy with her volunteer work) but my step-father just had spinal surgery and she is a little tied up with that, as you might imagine. Someday soon I must post about my mom. She is an amazing woman. Love you Mama.