Monday, January 18, 2010

I Didn't See This Coming

So, I'm sitting at lunch. On a sunny Monday afternoon. With my husband. And no kids.

Greek place. There will be baklava for dessert.

I should check my phone, I think. I have a new ring tone. It is to the tune of Where is My Hairbrush, but it is Where is My Cell Phone, sung by Larry the Cucumber. The kids love it. But, I never hear it. So, I think I should check my phone. Maybe Abby (the best babysitter in the world) called for something.

Oh, good thing I checked. I have a text message. What is wrong, I wonder. Abby can usually handle anything. Yes, she is only 15, but so far there has been nothing that my kids have thrown at her that she could not handle.

The text message reads, and I quote, "Hey, where do you keep your plunger?"

Where is my plunger? Oh, where is my plunger? Oh, where oh where oh where oh where oh my plunger?

Play the video for a good smile.
C'mon. You have three minutes and six seconds.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And I hope you're happy. I now have Larry's song stuck in my head. Daniel LOVED Veggie Tales. We have all the CDs. He sings them to Isabel. ;)

  2. Oh that is so sweet. Hey, I forgot to mention you in my last post as a new follow. But you don't have a blog for me to push do you? Welcome just the same.

  3. Just goes to show you can never get completely away from your children!

  4. That song is highly addictive, let me tell you. now, i am not sure I want any text asking where my g=lunger is. Oh dear me. LOL.

  5. Ah yes, I remember this song. It was 8 years ago and I'm sitting in an exhausted stupour in front of the tv. The children are watching one of the videos from Gramma. The hairbrush song comes on and I laugh hysterically. The kids and I sing the hairbrush song all the time,especially the asparagus' part. It gets stuck in our heads. Eventually we forget about it...until NOW.

  6. One more thing.

  7. Sorry. No blog to follow. I think faster than I can type. And not in a good way. Did you see the movie "Up". I'm the dog who is always distracted by the squirrel. :/ But thanks for the Welcome. ;) //Drea