Sunday, January 3, 2010

Argyle Sunday

Most of you probably haven't heard of the long-ago tradition of wearing argyle on the first Sunday of a new year.

That would be because I made it up.  But, it is kind of a neat idea, don't you think?  The boys and I wore argyle to church.  Cate doesn't own any argyle.  This will be rectified by Argyle Sunday next year, I assure you.  And, Hubband?  "Unless the Queen makes me the Duke of Argyle, there is not a chance," he informed me.  Not even socks!  Party pooper.

Well, it is a little late for this year, but here is hoping you can all participate in Argyle Sunday next year.  Spread the word!


  1. Happy new Year.

    I love Argyle socks in particular!

    Well, I jsut saw your mushroom drawing and think it is so cute! would you please considier joining my Creative Tuesdays co-op and sign up? I'd be honoured. It would be fun to have your style added to the mix.

  2. Argyle never goes out of style.

    Your boys look darling.

    Where's the photo of you?

  3. Mmm...Seriously? I have no talent at all in the art department. Both of my grandparents were commercial artists, and they tried, but...well, you saw my mushroom.

    Carolyn, I have a picture of my argyle, but I had to take it myself, and lets just say, it is all chesty.

  4. Another New Year tradition I've never heard of! I left something for you on my blog, Tracey. I think you are supposed to pass it on!

  5. What adorable little guys in their sweaters!