Monday, January 25, 2010

The Most Modern of Conveniences

Did you you know that they make dishwashers with garbage disposals now?  You don't even need to rinse the dishes.  Just pop them in the machine and it does it for you, with the detritus from dinner going into the disposal.  I thought this was insane when I first heard it.  I mean, how hard is it to rinse dishes?  I find it rather soothing myself.  But, then again, this is America, where we are so lazy we have battery powered tooth brushes.

I have not really changed my mind on the dishwasher thing, but I am hoping that, at least for mothers with small children, they will soon invent the washing machine/garbage disposal combo.  I won't burden you with the colorful details, but let's just say there are times when some of the edible bits of a little boys life make it to the laundry room, carried there in pockets I presume.  At these times, a disposal would be good.  I'm just saying.


  1. In the old days what they had was a tongs with wooded bits. But I see no reason why the Bar-b-que ones cannot work equally well.
    And anyway you do not have to put up with a Hound that in normal circumstances is clean but for some reason finds the most smelly scat she can and smears herself in the stuff, while we are out walking.
    Most days I thank God I built a shower into the floor-tiles and that the water pressure would strip paint.

  2. Hee hee...laughing at Vince's comment about the dog...

    Back to you, now, Tracey. My 8 year old finds the concept of electric toothbrushes strange - and I agree with her. Anyway, the garbage disposal would have to eat mud as well due to the quantity that turns up in our laundry due to soccer games played in the rain.

  3. Back when I had three little piglets eating around the table, I longed for a drain with a garbage disposal in the center of the kitchen floor!

  4. I have to admit that I want to go out and buy one of those. Seriously.

    I'm so lazy when it comes to dishes. Cooking I will cook for hours but I don't want to spend more than 15 minutes cleaning up.

  5. Luckily my kids are older and don't carry food in their pockets (just coins, cars, pencils, etc.). My wish would be an automatic crumb cleaner upper (if that's a word); the minute I clean up crumbs, new ones seem to appear magically.

  6. Vince, why are you stripping paint off your dog? :)

    Rebecca, This is one American who is not too lazy to scrub her own teeth. And I think mud disposal would be required also.

    Willow, I had not thought of that, though, I confess, several mornings after sweeping up breakfast, I have been tempted to turn around and serve it as snack.

    Carolyn, tonight as I was rinsing dishes, I was beginning to think I had been too hasty and that in the future if I am in need of a dishwasher and I can afford it, the disposal kind might work for me.

    Kate, my house only has carpet in the bedrooms. I sweep up so often it is crazy. In our old place, we had carpet, and I did not vacuum nearly as often. I am grossed out just thinking what must have been living in there. I let my babies crawl on that carpet. Ick.

  7. Yeah, she was White all over, see the tip of her tail.