Monday, January 4, 2010

High Five

The delightful young Rebecca, she of Letters to the World, has forwarded to me, with much compliment to myself and my blog, the High Five meme ~ My Top Five Highlights of 2009.

A meme, or internet meme, if you were wondering, and I was, is defined, according to  google, as "a catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the Internet."  You know the questions, quizes, fill-in-the-blank posts that get past about? 

I prefer to think of it as something that is about me, me!

So without further ado, the five highlights of my 2009, in no particular order, are...

  1. I turned 40!  I was a nursing mother in need of bifocals.
  2. Samuel learned to talk.  After three years of living in a house with two lawyers and Jonah, he figured his only way to stand out was to not talk.  But in 2009 he gave it a try.  He says great things, like, "Hello, Mommy.  How are you?"  and "Pappanono peeza".
  3. Hubband and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.  That may not sound like a lot to most of you.  But it is the first marriage for both of us, and we feel like we have worked hard at it.
  4. We bought our first house!  Well, okay we closed on New Years Eve 2008, but I am still going to count it.
  5. Cate learned to walk.
Now the nature of this meme is that I am to pass it on to five friends.  Well, the 2009 thing is going to get stale pretty soon.  And I have been working on a way to highlight some of my writer friends.  So, look for my next post.

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  1. Tracey, first of all, thanks for calling me young! Secondly, thanks for the mention, and I will enjoy checking out all the other blogs you link to as well!