Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why I Shouldn't Have an iPhone...or drink

Now that I am on Twitter, if I had an iPhone, I could tweet about anything that came to my mind.  Immediately.  I thought that would be fun.  Then, I read this stream of texts I sent out last Saturday night.

[ME to my sister]  Hubband and I are at Chili's recreating our first date, except we have Cate with us.

[SISTER]  Oooooo.  But he knows how that turns out, right?  Silly man.

[ME]  Except this time I am having a margarita, so he might get llucky.

[SISTER]  Thanks for sharing.  Is "lucky" with two Ls pronounced "YUCKY"?

[ME]   LOL Though that's not saying muuch since I'm durnk.  (*editor's note:  I'd had about two sips at this point, though I did feel intoxicated.*)

[ME]  And, Cate is flirting with the cute, but obviously gay, waiter.  DOG I need and iPhone so that I could tweet from here.

[ME]  Just called Hubband a "jungle lover."  Prolly good think I can't tweet from here.  Did I say tweet in my last text, cuz I meant tweet.

[ME]  Hubband's taken Catie to the bathroom with him because he does not trust me alone with her.

[ME]  Can you believe that?  Just as well.  That brat was cramping my style with the cute, gay waiter.

[ME]  You don't seem to be responding.  Is now a bad time?

[ME]  Hello.  Are you there?  HELLO!  I'm yelling in Chili's.

[ME]  Okay, he is taking me to Borders (*book store*), but he is parking at OSH (*hardware store*).  What can this mean?

I'm sure glad I didn't have an iPhone that night, or I would have tweeted all of this stuff, and made it public.  For the whole world to see.  How embarrassing.


  1. are SO hilarious!

  2. Wow good thing, eh? Because as the ads say up here, "If you don't have an iphone, then, well, your don't have an iphone." Isn't that clever? It sounds like someone intoxicated just tweeted that or posted it on their blog and Apple borrowed it.
    Be careful out there my friend. Apple is watching and waiting for your clever tweets!

  3. LOL! you crack me up! I love it that you are drunk dialing after 2 sips of a margarita. I just love your post and a peek into how "normal" you are in all of your craziness of a world of children and hubband relationships.... whenever I read your blog I remember why I like you so much! Hugs and Cheers! xoxo

  4. LAUGHING!!! I absolutely DETEST twitter! Gah!

  5. Hey! Now I'm following you on Twitter too. I hope that's not too much 'following' for you! I've just started tweeting - am experimenting with buttons on my blog/ links and other things I don't understand. Loved this post by the way. I do have a Blackberry..... watch out world!