Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Down Side

One of the down sides of homeschooling?  No one helped my children make cute Mother's Day gifts out of their hand prints.  Well, not this year, anyway.

Another down side?  Very little time to go blog crawling, and leave comments for all of my favorite people.  And,  absolutely no time to write.  I did manage to post every day for two weeks, about two weeks ago.  I guess I wore myself out.  That, and school ends in exactly 7.25 school days.  I need to make sure that all my T-crossing, I-dotting ducks are in a row.  I wouldn't want to repeat Kindergarten on a technicality.

And, I went out of town the weekend before Mother's Day, and am only now catching up with the housework that was un-done while I was gone.

Oh, and did I mention that I am reading a book.  An adult book.  Ooh, wait.  That connotes something I don't mean.  A book for adults?  Well, I'm sure you get the idea.  A book with lots of words and no pictures -- NOT for kindergarteners.  I've sorta been using my spare time for that.  So, maybe it is not all because of school. 

But, whatever.  I'll be back when school gets out.  Or when I finish my book.  Or when I have something to say and the time to say it.  Whichever comes first.  Has anyone even missed me?

The nature of this post brought to you by my allergy medication. 


  1. I have missed you! I was just thinking about you on my way home for work! I am glad you are in the obits.... and those "Hand" mother's day cards do not confirm nor deny your child's love for you. ;) Cheers! Sherry xoxo

  2. Yes! I've been craving me some Tracey blog! Glad you are reading a book without pictures.

  3. ENJOY that book Tracey! It is NOT everyday you get to do that with little ones.

  4. An adult book? Woohoo! And I for one am very glad to see that you have not gone missing! Homeschooling...I remember it well. What I do not remember are Mother's Day gifts until my kids were in public school!

  5. Oh, me too. I've missed you and missed generally all that fun blog reading. I'm in the same position as you in terms of not finding enough time to do anything properly (that probably is just me!), and certainly neglecting my blog. But I'm on to it now with renewed vigour. I don't think anyone's missed me, though, judging from the dearth of interested reactions to my latest musings - and Blogger wiped the only comment I had after my last post - which was yours! Keep up with that grown-up reading. And I admire you home-scchooling your brood. I wouldn't have the patience - what a commitment!

  6. Blogger ate my comment. I think I said I remember homeschooling well and also those first Mother's Day gifts when my kids entered public school. I still have them!

  7. Hiya! I've signed in so let's see if I can finally post *g*

  8. And here I thought you were missing me! :)

    I missed the whole blogger catastrophy. Been SO busy carpooling my kids and their friends from one lacrosse game or practice to another. Just about wore me completely out! Note to self: Gotta get a better carpool system next spring if the little darlings expect to play.

    Congrats on completion of the homeschooling session. Hope good things are in store for you and the family as we finish spring and start summer.