Friday, May 27, 2011

The Second Most Humiliating Thing That Happened to Maria Shriver Last Week...

...was that People Magazine published this picture of her (taken in 1977).


  1. You don't like her dress? :)

  2. Anita. Ha! Poor Maria. She has spent the last thirty years turning herself into a walking skeleton (with new nose and teeth, too) only to have her healthy, big toothed Kennedy look come back to haunt her.

  3. Oh gosh, I think she looks good - happy, at least! Poor Maria, but you would think the philandering husband would not be a new concept to a Kennedy, and I wonder how much she knew, and for how long?
    Speaking of skeletons, Marlee Matlin looks pretty skinny now too.

  4. Rebecca, I think she looks like a lovely, normal girl. But somehow I don't think that is how Maria Shriver wants to be seen anymore. When she was first lady of my fair state, she was seen around town on occasion. Maybe her appearance is normal in LA, but here, it was shocking how thin she it.

    I wish her well, all the same.