Friday, January 28, 2011

The Meaning of Life, Stuck to Your Bumper

If your car has something stupid to say, I will repeat it, and mock you in the process.

Seen:  One Prius, bearing the bumper sticker Renewable Energy IS National Security.  Appropriate enough on a Prius, but not when it is being towed by two bedroom recreational vehicle.

Seen:  Made in America, with Filipino Parts.  Um.  Oooh.  Ones bumper is not an appropriate place to discuss the details of one's conception.

Seen:  SHE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST SHOES WINS.  Wins what exactly?  You can only take one pair with you, baby.  Maybe I'm just a hater, as I have always been hard to fit, and now (that I am middle aged) wear only clogs.  God bless the Danish for their clogs!

Seen:  26.2  Do you know what that is?  It is the length of a marathon, in miles.  When one runs a marathon, one likes to tell everybody.  Fair enough.  That's a pretty impressive achievement.  But let me ask you, driver of the Ford Excursion bearing this sticker, why, if you can run so far, must you park your land yacht in a compact space to be closer to the door, rather than the full-sized space RIGHT NEXT TO IT?  Is that extra five feet really going to kill you.

I, for one, have no stickers on my car.  I can't stand the pressure.  People can be so judgmental.


  1. The only bumper sticker I've ever had said "Soccer Taxi" - making it easy to find in a parking lot full of similar mini-vans. Your observations are funny. I never understand why people put offensively raunchy bumper stickers on their cars - they are like bad tattoos branding you in a way that can be pretty limiting.

  2. I am an ANTI bumper sticker chick. The closest thing I have had to one is a magnet proclaiming our school team/mascot. I don't even have THAT one anymore. I sit at traffic lights MANY times shaking my head at the ridiculous stickers people WILLINGLY put on their cars! UGH.

  3. The only bumper sticker I ever had was the one you gave me that said "My Daughter goes to UCSB". Oh, there was another one when your grandfather ran for judge.

  4. I love it. YOu know I have been coveting one of the 26.2 stickers for a long it doesn't seem quite so great. :) :)

  5. Do we really get to take one pair of shoes with us? haha...I've always wondered...I mean we can't see their feet when we pay our last respects. lol...sorry, morbid, I know.

    You're posts always make me smile!

  6. I'm not a bumper sticker kind of person either. I think there are fewer around these days though. Certainly fewer funny ones. Most of the ones I see seem to say 'Princess on Board'. Not really fitting for Martha or Hattie it pains me to say.