Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fickle Girl

Cate, helping with the laundry.

As I was pouring the milk on the oatmeal and putting the bowls on the table, Sam tried to help his sister, by moving her bowl closer to her.  A move of mere inches.  Catherine, at the sight of this, burst into a screaming fit like I have never heard from her.  The crescendo of her shrieking was followed by, "Hate boys!  Hate, hate, hate, hay-T."

Oh, my.

I have never heard Samuel use the word hate, and I am not sure he even knows what it means.  Jonah, I am sure knows what it means, but I have no memory of him using it.  Where did Cate pick up this vocabulary?  Even if she has heard her father or I use it, it was not like this.

Hate boys!!!!  Hate, hate, hate.

This from the same girl, who a few weeks ago, was dancing naked with glee at the sight of boys in the backyard.

I think she may be conflicted on the issue.


  1. Ha! Hatties's most venomous insult is, "you little boy-boy!!!" It is spoken in the crossest voice possible and certainly intended to wound! Sometimes I'm a "little boy-boy"! I have no idea where she gets this kind of thing from - but I can sympathise with her need to develop some kind of defensive strategies to keep up with her big brother and sister.

  2. Hmmmmmm, girls...they are SO different. SO VERY DIFFERENT. May I say this? I love my girls...cannot imagine life without their UTTER BEAUTY and SWEETNESS. They are such a BLESSING to me. BUT, when it came to Sam (my lil one) I was SO GLAD he was a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cate is darling "helping" with the laundry.

  3. Females will have their little whims! And poor Sam is probably still wondering what it was all about :)