Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Stockings Were Hung...

Many of you asked about our stockings.  Here they are, by the chimney with care.

Joy, joy, joy, joy, joy.

Would you believe I knit them myself?  No.  No one would believe that.  The truth is, I got them at Target.  They were probably knit by a Chinese machine, run by an Indonesian toddler who got paid 25 cents this year for the trouble.  You know, I think Hubband might be right.  I can suck the joy out of anything.  Even these lovely Christmas stockings.

Nope.  He's wrong.  Indonesians toddlers aside, they still make me happy.  Joy, joy, joy.  Times five.


  1. Oh goodie. I'm heading there now to grab some joy of my own. Okay, maybe I'm heading there tomorrow. Do they have one more color? We've only got joy times four.

  2. You and my eldest son, who is taking a social justice course at school. Now everything I bring home is subject to scrutiny. I made the grave mistake of buying, for once, toilet paper made from unrecycled, bleached fibers. Oh the shame!!!
    Anyway, the stockings are delightful - however they were made, and I'm glad they give you joy!