Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Few Notes On Christmas and Et Cetera

Jonah and Cate, on Cate's First Christmas (2008)

We had a merry Christmas.  I don't know if there will be any photos posted.  Kids a blur.  Legos and Imaginex pirates everywhere.  Inflatable "cars" for playing Mario Kart.  Toy cowboys.  Cool wooden cars.  A girl sized kitchen which even the boys love.  Family.  Oh, so much family.  Food, oh the food, ugh!

A big thank you to the young man at the auto parts store on Christmas eve who politely pointed of the Honda I was buying wiper blades for (and driving at the time) was an Accord, not a Civic.  Ho. ho. ho.

To the sender of the family-photo Christmas card showing their thirteen-year-old, lolling on the beach in a bikini, with her two little brothers, and sand stuck to her pubescent behind, I say, No. no. no.

To the middle aged man, in the Toys-R-Us parking lot, driving a red Hyundai with a Hello Kitty license plate holder, I say, Thank you for slowing down, if even slightly.

To the Muslim woman buying snow man wrapping paper, I say, This Happy Holidays thing has gotten WAY out of hand.

For those of you who have ever wonder if God is a man (as opposed to a woman), I offer this as conclusive proof, "Mom, God is a boy name."  Thus sayeth Jonah.

Seventy six pounds of kindergarten curriculum is awfully heavy for "online school."  The student doesn't even weigh that much.  Just sayin'.

Now, if you will excuse me...school starts Monday.

And, yes, the "and Et Cetera" in the title is an intentional grammatical error.  You don't have to believe me.  I'm smarter than a kingergartener irregardless.


  1. I'm glad we cleared up that "God" is a boy's name! Love you!!

  2. I also say, No. no. no. Lord! What were they thinking?

  3. My 6 year old boy declared boys were more important than girls b/c all the really important people were men. Like who? I demanded. God and Santa Claus, he replied without missing a beat. He might still believe this, at 24, though I think he's smart enough now not to say so.

    Your Christmas sounds messy happy -- the best!