Saturday, December 18, 2010

Let Your Freak Flag Fly, Little Man!

Jonah, aged 14 months, ready to hit the beach in Hawaii.

We're all freaks on the inside, aren't we?  Or, we were.  Or, we felt like we were.  Growing up, finding yourself, coming into your own, is hard. 

In my experience, freaks, those young people who don't feel comfortable in their own skin, either get angry and become bullies, or get knocked down once too often and give up on being themselves.  So much human potential is suffocated under the social pressure exerted by peers similarly situated.

It is for this reason that we have decided to homeschool Jonah for the rest of the school year.

Our decision was not because of religion, or academics, or to have a more flexible schedule; though all of those factored in.  We want to homeschool, so that we can take the sensitive little boy God gave us, and raise him up into the most confident man he can be.  He needs a loving environment in which to discover who he is.  We don't care if he is a barefoot artist, an uptight tax attorney, or a stand-up comedian.  We just want him to walk secure in the knowledge that he is exactly as God made him. 

Then, he will be ready to go out into the world, unfurl his flag, and let it fly, however freaky or boring it may be.

That is our goal.  If homeschooling does not move us toward that goal, we will stop.  If it is detrimental to the rest of the family, we will stop.  If I lose my marbles, we will stop.  And, if I completely screw it up, it is only half a year of kindergarten, right?  Either way, wish us luck.  This going to be an amazing feat of patience and organization.


  1. That is so cool and it makes so much sense. Jonah is a lucky little guy...and you are lucky parents!

  2. You are a brave, brave woman. I hope it goes well for you. I can't wait to hear the stories.

  3. I homeschooled my eldest starting with Kindergarten. It was great for the whole family and kept on being great until that fourth child came along and kept pulling all the books and papers off the worktable and I began losing my marbles. But that wasn't until my eldest was in grade three. I'm so glad we did it. My kids are basically confident in their own skin, good and interested learners and I attribute that to learning at home, as a family in a safe, secure, positive environment. And it was good for me, too.
    All the best in your new endeavor. One day at a time!