Friday, May 21, 2010

The Week in Kids, #11

This week...

There are no adorable kid pictures.  "Why not?" you ask.  Because they were not adorable.

Kids go through stages, and some are difficult.  We have been lucky, in that our children tend to take turns being difficult.  Not so, this week.  Or last, for that matter.  They have ganged up on us.

Jonah talks back to everything we say, and some things we don't.  I heard him talking back to a commercial the other day.  Serious attitude adjustment needed.

Samuel ignores everything we say.  He hears us, and he understands us, he just does whatever he wants anyway.  Usually with a taunting grin or laugh.  Punk.

While I am busy dealing with those two, Catherine is getting into everything she can, or devise a way to, reach.  The more dangerous, the better.

They are completely out of control.

Don't misunderstand me.  I am not standing by, helpless.  I am on this problem.  Well, three problems actually, each made up of various sub-problems.  No malfeasance goes uncorrected.  But, changes in attitude take time.  I hope I can keep my energy up for this.

See you next week!!!


  1. Oh I Know, I know, I know. My kids run me ragged sometimes. Last weekend ended with my tears of desperation about general behavior and seeming inability to be nice to each other and their long-suffering parents. I resolved to be firm, consistent and to try not to shout. I often resolve to do this by the way! We've had a better week, kind of. But it's hard work to always have to be ready to face the fight when one says 'NO!' And you're pregnant! Are you getting enough rest - or is that just a crazy queston?

  2. Or should that be 'questIon'?

  3. Kate, I have come to the realization, that for me to be a good mother to these children right now, I must give up everything non-essential.

    Sadly most of the non-essentials are the things I do for me.

    But honestly, none of them are that important compared to having good kids. I could insist on doing my own thing and ignore them, but it would get worse and never get better. I consider the sacrifices I am making now an investment in some future peace. I just pray it is working.

    I think I will get off the computer now and go read Sam a story.

    Oh, and I am always vowing not to raise my voice, too. A calm mother really makes a huge difference in the kids. But, I am not calm by nature, which is why I keep making new vows. :)

  4. Me too - certainly not calm!

    And I'm sorry, I wouldn't have even asked you if you were getting enough rest if I'd read your prevous post. I'm suddenly not getting those little updates from 'blogs I'm following' for your blog - so it's hard to catch up.

    Hang in there, girl!!

  5. There's always resuming your career as a lawyer and daycare!
    Just kidding. :)

  6. One of those weeks huh? My thought is that you should not have another week like that (with ALL of them puttin' on) for awhile...allowing you to GAIN STRENGTH to bring them down the next time the three lil stinkers try to overthrow the Sheriff!
    Secretly I would have liked to have seen photos of the three of them...EVEN in the midst of their naughtiness!

  7. You need to find a big enpty field and let them burn off all excess energy. And while they are off doing that you need to find a tree to rest under.

  8. you have a lot going on at the moment! i just read your previous post and this post in one go and really just kept thinking how amazing you are to be managing it all! you're a trooper!

  9. Yeah, I always found it a lot better when I just stopped, dropped what I was doing, and just got down on the floor with the kids. Sometimes I only had to set things up, change tack for them,so to speak, and off they would go in a new (and more positive) direction. I found it hard at first, to stop, drop and give, but it got easier. It will get easier for you, now that you recognize what needs to be done with your good mother instinct. 'Tomorrow is another day with no mistakes in it yet', said Anne of Green Gables! I remember saying goodnight to my more difficult son, and saying "Let's make tomorrow a better day for both of us, okay?" and it always was....until the next time.

  10. Parenthood is pretty challenging, no doubt about it! You have the right attitude though and you'll all get through it fine. (easy for me to say, right?!)

  11. OH MY GOD! Hate to dump on you while you're venting, but in the two minutes I've had your post on the screen, TRYING to read it, a child has come to me WHINING about being hit, then the other has come to defend herself and call the former a tattle tell. I feel my blood pressure rising and a knot in my stomach. Breathe...I'm okay...I'm getting a little laugh now...thanks for "listening." :)