Friday, May 14, 2010

The Week in Kids, #10

This week...

Catherine worked on the proper use of flatware.

She'll be working on it again next week, too.

Also this week...

We got a new inflatable water contraption for the back yard.

The weather on the day we got it was rather cold and cloudy and made for one wet little boy who looked like this.

And, another who looked like this.

Attitude is everything!

Also this week...

Jonah took another step on his long, and potentially unsuccessful journey, to self-control.  We have really been working with him to think before he acts or speaks.  This is very Very VERY difficult for him, so I am so proud of him for trying.

This week, as I was calmly correcting him about some misbehavior or other, he gave me a very angry look, stomped his foot, and said, "Just stop talking..."  And, then his face changed.  From anger, to fear.  Fear because his words were wildly inappropriate, and fear because he was powerless to stop what was still to come.  It was too late.  His tongue flapped and his words unfurled.  " stupid mother!"

No sooner could I draw breath to respond to this, then his face changed again.  This time to rational-Jonah.  He held up one hand as if to stop me and said, "Now, Mom.  Don't be mad.  It's okay.  I thought about it first." 

See you next week!!!


  1. At one level this is totally hilarious but on another very worrying.
    And it would be so easy to smash his self confidence by having him second guess himself on every decision.

  2. And why on earth did you buzz his head, 'tis no wonder the poor kid is shivering like a jelly.

  3. Vince, that hair is grown out some from the hair cut I gave him. He asks me to cut it like that! He wants to "bald like Grandpa." We have had a cool spring around here, but the summers are blazing hot, so in the long run, it is probably a good thing, if not terribly attractive.

    And as for his misbehavior, I was not too hard on him. Since he caught himself, I used it as a teaching opportunity.

  4. Okay, that is one for the record books (I suppose that's what your blog is, in a way though). Pretty funny.
    That slide into the pool thing looks like a LOT of fun. I could see myself enjoying it on one our muggy hot summer days!
    And look at the eyes on that little Catherine!

  5. Well at least he's thinking about it -- he's one step there, right?! I have a feeling this might take some practice. At least you don't seem the kind to get too upset by being called Stupid Mom. (I've been called that too. sigh)

    Also, the pool and slide look awesome! And your daughter has the biggest cutest eyes ever! Very expressive. (Yes, Mom, I LIKE the spoon in my mouth this way. Why are you always taking pictures of me?)

  6. HA! Kids! Jonah DID what you TOLD him to DO...right?

    Your new blow up water thing-a-ma-jigee looks like AWESOME FUN.

    And, Catherine's BIG brown eyes are just DREAMY! (Even with a spoon in her mouth!!)