Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Well, neither my children, nor their father wished me a Happy Mother's Day yesterday.  The only card I received was from my sister and brother-in-law.  But, Samuel did make me this lovely heart shaped pin out of buttons.  I love it!  I wore it everywhere.  He was very proud. 

Then today the boys were bouncing all over the furniture wishing each other a Happy Mother's Day.

You can't have your kids and eat them too.


  1. Is it not just as well the Husband does not think of you as Mother. And really do you think of yourself as Mother anyway. Surely that tag goes to your mother or his.

  2. LOVE the pin! It's perfect. Yeah, my sisters and I got together yesterday, for lunch with our mom, but then just us sisses hung around later yakking. we all decided we HATE Mother's Day because our kids never really thank us in the way we think we deserve. We decided from now on it was going to be SISTER DAY and we would tell each other how great we are!

  3. Ironically, it's my husband who makes the most of Mother's Day. The kids seem to be along for the ride, except the youngest, who is guided along by her teacher for these occasions. A few years ago I finally said out loud, 'you know, guys, the only thing I really want on Mother's Day is tea brought to me in bed and not to have to cook much on the day'. They seem to be able to deal with that.

  4. Note to Hubband: All I want is to sleep in, and not cook.