Friday, December 4, 2009

Stick and Crumb

I sweep.
I mop.

I dust and polish.

Wipe. Wash.
Shine. Scour. Scrub.

No matter.

A world with three small children
maintains a fine patina of stick.

And, crumbs.


  1. Tracey,
    You are one busy lady. Just go with the flow. Its part of life and you are enjoying it I can tell. Hope you are preparing for a wonderful Christmas with all those cuties! Have a pleasant weekend! The Bach

  2. Tracey,
    My blog "Bachelor at Wellington" is my blog I've had before I married this year to my lovely Lady Catherine (LadyCat). She just recently opened her blog, Lady of Wellington. I'm just keeping Bachelor because my blog world friends remember me as that. I took about 9 months off from blogging for courtship which proved very rewarding in that we are now very happily married. All of our children's unconditional love has been the icing on the cake. Thanks for asking!.... The Bach

  3. What a very fun blog you have here! I know I'm going to enjoy reading your daily adventures! :)

  4. Someone told me that being a mom/housewife is like beading a string with no knot at the end. I used to lament this, now I just submit and appreciate the days when I feel energetic enough to put more beads on that string!
    I have a very similar collection of photos of my children.

  5. Rebecca, I love this. I think I might use it.