Monday, March 28, 2011

Sam, the Adventurous (part 2)

Sam likes to go places.  Right now, our schedule is set up so that he is in school all morning, and stuck at home all afternoon.  The kid would do anything for a nice adventure to the grocery store, where they hand out free cookies, and give him pages to color while I shop.

I took him to Wal-mart the other day.  He got thirsty and I bought him a bottle of water.  He loved that water bottle.  It made him feel like such a big boy.  He was so happy, he carried it around, refilling it, for two days, until I told him it was disgusting and I had to throw it away.  He was so heart broken, that I have promised to take him to Wal-mart next weekend and buy him another bottle.  He is happy again, and will hold me to that promise.

Jonah also likes to go places, but his expectations are a little higher.  He wants to go to LEGOLAND.  He has been working on my mom for six months now, trying to get her to take him, and she probably will.  She is a sucker for Jonah.

The other day, over breakfast, Sam announced that he, too, wanted to go to LEGOLAND, and started lobbying his father.

Sam:  I want to go to LEGOLAND.  I like LEGOs.

Daddy:  Well, Sam, we might go.  It is far away, in San Diego.  And that will be expensive.  We will have to spend money on tickets and food and gas and a hotel room.  So, I don't know, Sam.  We'll see.

Sam:  Oh, okay.  Maybe we could go to McDonald's instead.

I love this boy.  I know some parents might see this as an elaborate plot on Sam's part to go to McDonald's, but that is not how Sam works.  He is not that complicated.  He's never been to LEGOLAND.  In his world, Micky-D's play land is the most fun he can have while eating french fries.  It is a worthy substitute.


  1. Have you ever read anything about birth order? My boys are the same...Nate has higher aspirations for bigger things...Mitchell LIKES the idea but is so happy for ANYTHING else. I am always intrigued by birth order traits. NOT always predictable but interesting for sure!

  2. Jonah is a dreamer. Sam is a realist. My two boys are like that, in that order. Jill has it right!

  3. I'm a sucker for all of my grandchildren.