Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Ballad of Yes and No

Don't let the pink smile and dewy eyes fool you.  She's a menace.

This is how it starts. 

Sam, 4, will be playing quietly.  Just minding his own business. 

Cate, 2, will sidle up beside him.  She doesn't start in right away.  She picks her moment. 

Then, with no fanfare and for no particular reason, she says, "No, Sam." 

Then Sam, for no particular reason, loses his mind, and screams.  "Yes!  Not no. Yes."

No.  Yes!  No.  Yes!  No.  YES.  No!  YES.  NO.  YES.  NO.  YES.  NO.  YES.  NO.  YES.  NO.  YES. 

Then, the crescendo.  Simultaneously, pitch perfect, and at top volume.


My children are loud--warning siren loud--with amazing lung capacity.  They may even have the crazy circular breathing of brass players and opera singers.  But, I hope to never find out.  About three seconds in, their father or I, and sometimes both, simultaneously, holler...


I don't know which is worse.  The noise, or that fact that I have a two-year-old daughter who knows how to push her brother's buttons, and does it for fun.


  1. Ha! It's her job. Her role. She's the baby sister! Wait until her big brothers start dating! :)

  2. I am laughing Tracey!
    Just look at her! She has amazing eyes and lips and lashes...she is ONLY doing her little sister job! She may not be able to read yet but SOMEONE has told her what her job description is!

    Someday the boys will become vicious bears of protection for her and you will smile and KNOW she will be okay as long as they are keeping an eye out for her on the playground!

  3. Hoo boy! Sam is going to learn a lot about handling girls...but it may take time!