Friday, March 25, 2011

Sam, the Adventurous (part 1)

Friday night, as I scooped Chinese food out of card board boxes on to paper plates made dinner, I overheard Sam and Hubband make plans for their weekend.

Sam:  I want to go someplace.

Daddy:  Where do you want to go, Sam?

Sam:  A place.

Daddy:  Tomorrow is Saturday.  I'll be home all day.  Do you want to go somewhere with Daddy?

Sam:  Yeah!!

Daddy:  Okay.  We can go for a walk if it doesn't rain too hard.  Do you want to go to the lake?  Or, we could go to the wild life preserve?

Sam:  No.

Daddy:  Well, where do you want to go, Sam?

Sam:  Some place with a door.


  1. That's very funny! Sounds like the answer I got when I suggested to my girls that we go to the Gettysburg battle fields.

    We went anyway.

    Perhaps they'll go to the lake.

    And...I see nothing wrong with professionally prepared Chinese food on dishes that don't have to be washed.

  2. haha! Love Sam's negotiating skills ;)

  3. That's great! At least it's do-able this time. Didn't he want you to take him to Halloween last year?

    Hubband should take him to the door section of a hardware store. He would probably love going through all of those doors!

  4. Ha! Classic. By the way, I was in the washroom/storage room of my son's violin teacher's studio last night and saw all these clear bins of paper plates and plastic cutlery, and I thought: "take-out food and disposable dishes are the modern version of the scullery maid or the hired hand." Sometimes we just need a break from the scullery and doing it all ourselves!