Friday, November 13, 2009

Men Are the New Women? What Would the Old Women Say?

I read an article in the paper recently. The headline was, "Men in the ‘mirdle': New underwear designs are putting the squeeze on men's midsections"

I shall quote.
“When it comes to underwear, men are the new women. Guys are experimenting with color and styles. In fact, bucking a dismal retail trend, men's underwear sales are up. And -- get this -- men are starting to discover 'body shapers' to smooth their love handles, lift their posteriors and knock off a few pounds without dieting. In short, men are discovering the benefits of the male equivalent of Spanx.”

No, no, no, no. Is this supposed to be some kind of equality? This is wrong. It must stop. Our fore-mothers did not want this. They wanted the vote. They wanted equal pay for equal work. They did not want men in "mantyhose."

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