Thursday, May 16, 2013

Five Corners of Sky

I have lived in north Idaho for two months.  Long enough to figure out that it is called "north" Idaho, not "northern" Idaho, as I had been doing.   But not long enough to figure out if the "N" should be capitalized.  Is it considered the name of the place, or just an adjective?

People often mention what a beautiful place this is, and it is that.  Trees, mountains, high plains, lakes.  Lots of lakes.  But what I like most about this place is the sky.

These were all taken in the same week.  With my phone.  The only editing I have done is to crop them.  This my friends is just the sky in north Idaho.

Sunset over the Wal-mart parking lot.

From my back door.

From my street corner.  It was hailing on me when I took this.
Over my back fence.


  1. beautiful! Looks like you got an upgrade ;)

  2. I grew up listening to The Jackson Five, who recorded "Corner of the Sky." I haven't hummed that song in 20 years - probably. You've put it back into my head.

    It's a feel-good song, just like your "Five corners of the sky."

    Beautiful photos of you "north" Idaho sky! Enjoy your new home. :)

  3. It's close to 'big sky country' after all. So what Canadian town would be to the north of you then?
    Walmart has nice sunsets ;)

    1. Rebecca, as the crow flies north, it would be somewhere between Nelson and Creston.