Friday, April 8, 2011

Work Clothes

When you are a big boy, you get to make your own fashion decisions.

This is Sam in his Easter clothes.  Work clothes, he calls them.  And, why wouldn't he?  His daddy wears clothes like this to work.

"Look at me.  I am so handsome," he said, when trying them on for the first time.  Then he insisted on wearing them to school.  And, the park.  And, everywhere we went, all day.

Did I mention that he wore them with cowboy boots?

His sister was not impressed.  (But she insists on buttoning her cardigan all the way down, so she may not be a good judge.)  Everyone else couldn't help but be charmed.  He is charming.

Have a fashionable weekend!  
Come back next week to find out what is going on here.


  1. Just like Dad...that is so cute! :) He looks like he's from Texas with those boots!

  2. he's so sweet! i think i spy favorite!! :)

  3. Little boys wanting to be JUST. LIKE. DADDY! So cute and so sweet. He added his OWN splash of style with the boots! SO CUTE.

  4. Oh goodness that really is the sweetest--both of them!--but I love the idea of him wearing it everywhere and with the boots too. Big smile from me.

  5. Is that cornstarch goop I see?

    I love the ideas kids get - they are so authentically goofy!

  6. What a man! Doesn't mind wearing a tie. :)

    And the little lady with all her buttons buttoned...learning how to show her figure already. :)