Friday, April 1, 2011

Our Father...

It has been Samuel-palooza around here lately.  Yes, I have two other children, but he is giving me the best material the most colorful right now.  Read on to see.

I have been teaching the boys the Lord's prayer.  We recite it together every night before bed.  Well, parts of it are more "call and response" at this point, but they are coming along.

Jonah loves this.  He has asked me about every phrase.  He is full of questions about God's power and the nature of heaven.  What is God's kingdom?  What is God's will?  He is like a little computer: input, process, classify, sort, seek new input.  You can see it happening.

For Samuel, theology is more vague.  Since we have started praying, "Our father..." he has started referring to Jesus as "Baby God."  At least, we think that is what he is doing.  He might just think there is a special god for babies, but I doubt it.  The God of the Babies would not concern him much, as he is now a big boy.  Just ask him.  He will tell you.  And if you don't believe him, he'll scream and throw a fit until you change your mind.

The other night, as we were gathered in their room, getting ready to pray, Samuel interrupted me.  "Wait, Mommy, wait.  I have a good one."  Okay.  I invited him to pray about what was on his heart.

"God, please don't let Jesus run into the street or get in the washing machine on accident and get dizzy.  Amen."

To Samuel, this is what a good father does.



  1. I love how they say 'on accident'. It makes sense to them because the opposite is 'on purpose', not 'by purpose'. What a cutie pie.

  2. Hey girlie! Thanks for posting on my blog! I read your blog every time you post it on FB. I LOVE your blog. YOU ARE SO FUNNY! Well, your kids are hilarious and you convey the message very well. Love you much and miss you more. Big hugs! xoxoxo

  3. Big smile. Loveliness and hilarity. And by a coincidence, I've just taught Ella the Hebrew prayer we say before bed! Now we can say it together every night. I'm not sure what took me so long though...