Thursday, November 3, 2011


It is a November day, but most of the leaves are still green.  The weather is moody; first sunny, just warm enough to not be cool, then bright grey and gusty, and now I see more sun in the west.  Moody, but perfect.

My children are playing in the backyard.  All three of them.  Together.  I am not privy to the rules of their game, and probably won't be, absent an egregious violation requiring my intervention, or a ride to the hospital.  There is an elaborate fantasy world out there, involving costumes, weapons, negotiated loyalties, and the not infrequent use of the word butt.  And, (this is my favorite part), as for as I can tell, they are all on the same side.

But, it is a school day, and at some point, I must make them come in, sit still, and learn something on purpose.  They won't like that. And neither will I.  So, for now, for a just a few more minutes, I sit at my desk, my cold toes telling me flip-flop weather is over, listening to my children make friends with each other in the whole wide world that they have imagined for themselves.  Because it is important to learn how to do that, too.


  1. Ahh....and for a few minutes, everything is right in the world! :)

  2. Hi!! Long time no see (or hear, or write!) I feel like I've surfaced for a moment. What a lovely post - I wish my school-days were like yours. I'm HATING work, and missing the kids like crazy. I think I'm going to have to have a whole life re-think......

  3. Don't you HATE to interrupt the harmony?? IT can be so brief!!! I say DO NOT disturb them!

    I am still wearing flip flops. It is 39 degrees. I am stubborn...and feet are cold.

  4. Had to stop by and wish you a happy thanksgiving, Tracey! I hope you've had a lovely day! I'm thankful for you! xo

  5. It's wonderful to have times when we can look at our kids and not think about what has to be done, but instead, just love.

  6. Just checking in to say HI! Hope your holiday season is going well!

  7. Hello Tracey. Happy New Year!!! We in blogland have not heard from you in a long everything well with you? I know life gets busy and that's probably all it is, but I wanted you to you know that someone out there notices! All the best, Rebecca

    1. It is funny that you just posted this yesterday. I have been thinking so much about getting back to my blog lately, and I thought, "Gee, I miss Rebecca."

  8. Hey, everyone. I am alive. All is well. Crazy well. This is the first time I have logged on to my blog in months. It is an initial step toward actually writing something, but no promises. I just wanted to come see if it was the same as I remembered.

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to all.