Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Holy Trinity According to Jonah

Jonah and Sam have a castle (complete with dragon), and a pirate island (complete with sea serpent), both well populated by little knights and sailors.  Hard, oddly shaped, painful-when-stepped-on, little knights and sailors.  The other night, after I almost trod upon Sir Angus at the foot of Samuel's bed, I reminded them, "Boys, you need to make sure all of your castle pieces get picked up or you are going to lose them."

To which Jonah replied, "Mom, we don't care about those.  We only care about video games, Legos, and God."

God was not an after thought, which is good, but He only got third billing. And, Jonah was totally lying when he said he didn't care about his castle pieces, he was just too lazy to pick them up.  (Mother hangs head in shame, on both counts.)


  1. I'm pretty sure one of the Trinity members recalls what it was like to be a kid - if legos and video games were around then I'm sure he would have thought a great deal of them too. By the way, I came across a comic the other day of the Three Wise Men standing over the crib of baby Jesus. The caption said 'if Jesus were alive today'. The picture showed baby Jesus' hand out to receive the gifts and a thought bubble comeing out of the top of his head: "One of those better be a Wii." So there you go.

  2. Hey, love kids...love their honesty. God is in the top three...at least they know WHO God is...you are doing a FINE job.

  3. love this. :)

    Kids...life would be SO boring without them! ha.